Our Patrons and Partners

    top  DST and TDB

    The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Technology Development Board (TDB) set up under the DST has extended a financial assistance to SINE to provide seed support to incubatee companies at the business incubator at SINE. The seed support can be extended in the form of grants, interest free loans, soft loans or equity particiaption over a period of five years.

    top  NEN

    NEN, National Entrepreneurship Network, is an India-wide launch pad for new high growth entrepreneurs. NEN connects entrepreneurs, SME owners, future entrepreneurs and students with world-class entrepreneurship education, networking and support. IIT Bombay is one of the founding partners of NEN. NEN supports the resource centre at SINE.

    top  IIT Bombay Alumni

    IIT Bombay alumni have remained an active force for shaping new initiatives at IIT Bombay. The first IT incubator was set up at IIT Bombay in 1999 with funding support from its distinguished alumnus, Mr. Nandan Nilekeni, and encouragement from another distinguished alumnus, Mr. Kanwal Rekhi. A number of alumni have been actively contributing in various capacities as mentors, investors and advisors to SINE and its incubatee companies.

    top  eCell

    The Entrepreneurship Cell (eCell) is a student-led organization that stimulates and supports entrepreneurial thought and performance across the IIT Bombay campus. The Cell aims at manifesting the latent Entrepreneurial spirit of young students. It regularly organizes activities and programmes that motivate and challenge budding entrepreneurs, including Eureka, India's leading business plan competition, and thus provides students and potential entrepreneurs exposure to a wide range of company-starting resources.

    top  MCIT

    The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Government of India (MCIT) has extended seed grant support to SINE under the 'Framework for National Entrepreneurs Support Programme for IT at Premier Institutes'. The grant is meant for extending seed support in the form of soft loans to incubatee companies in IT and IT-enabled areas.